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Bob Chalis

Bob Challis

Bob Challis is a full-time member of staff at Anglia Ruskin University and is the program leader for both the FDSc in Sports Coaching (EJU) and the BSc in Sports Coaching (EJU). Bob is currently the head coach for Comberton Judo Club, head coach for Anglia Ruskin judo club, technical coach for the Army and Combined Services and is secretary to the British Judo Schools Commission as well as being a member of the European Judo Union Universities and Institutes Commission. Bob was the assistant coach to the England Judo team during the 2002 commonwealth games in Manchester.

Bob Lectures on Anglia Ruskin’s Sports coaching and physical education degree covering coaching pedagogy, sports development, LTAD and performance analysis. He is also a PhD student where he is investigating the structure of lightweight women’s judo contests.

Bob Graduated with the first group of EJU level 5 high performance coaches.

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