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Psychology for Judo

Psychology for Judo

To support the young athlete and their coach in their psychological preparation and mental training, Judospace offer individualised advice.

Our aim is to help you manage the mental side of your judo to allow to maximise your results, get the best from your training and realise your ambitions.

Individual advice and support is provided by the Judospace Psychology Advisor, Rebeka Tandaric 3rd Dan.

Rebeka can help with the following areas:

  • self-confidence –motivation -dealing with negative self-talk -dealing with negative emotions -overcoming fears -emotion control -dealing with negative feelings /self doubts -dealing with social anxiety -stress management
  • concentration, focus and awareness training -dealing with failure -injury recovery -setting and achieving goals -dealing with anxiety (especially before competition) -developing competition routines -help with weight maintenance / body image
  • time management -learning techniques that can help in school and college -dealing with stress-working on communication skills -helping with problem solving and decision making -self-regulation of behaviour -ending of sport career- help with transition -anger management

How it works...

Working with Rebeka is a 3 step process:

1. Initial Needs Assessment

2. Mental Skills Programme

3. Monitoring and Tracking Progress

Initial Needs Assessment £49.00

This includes an analysis of the athlete's current mental skills. This is very individual because every athlete is on a different level and has different, specific needs. The Initial Needs Assessment will include some psychological profiling tests and a 30 minute interview through Skype.

After that Rebeka will be able to give the athlete feedback on the areas they need to work on.

To start to improve your psychology register for the Initial Needs Assessment by clicking the button below. Rebeka will contact you by email to start the profiling.

Psychology Step 1

Mental Skills Programme - from £50.00

This is a custom made program designed just for each person, developed for you by a qualified Sport psychologist with judo expertise.

Rebeka offers;

a) Basic mental skills programme

b) Advanced mental skills programme

The Basic Programme will include an education and mental skills learning programme at a basic level (introducing the skill, why is it important, what will athlete get with it and the training of skill which will include teaching the proper technique).

The Advanced Programme will include everything from the Basic Programme, plus more exercises and in depth training of the skill, with the addition of helping the athlete apply the skill on training and competition.

Psychology Step 2

Monitoring and Tracking Progress £49.00

This step will continue after the athlete has completed the Skills Training part of the programme. It will include telephone and e-mail monitoring of the athlete and tracking the implementation of the skills. 


Rebeka has a Master's Degree from the Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb.

She is a coach at Samobor Judo Club, working with a number players competing at international events.

Formerly as a judo player she competed in the European Cadet Championships and European University Championships.

She holds the EJU Advanced Coach Award and the Croatian Olympic Academy Level 3 Award.

When I entered University I met Mr Hosokawa. He taught me sometimes technique but always mentality.
Tadahiro Nomura, 3x Olympic Champion

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