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Judospace Advanced Coach Award Level 3

EJU Level 3 Coaches in Oslo, Norway.


How many modules are there?

There are 6 modules studied online, followed by the 4-day practical block assessment.

How do I start?

Click here to go to Moodle, our online 'dojo' and self enrol. Then select the first module "Principles of Coaching Gokyo", and so on. You can enroll on more than one module.

How is the course assessed?

Each of the six online modules has approximately 3 assessments within the Moodle online learning environment. These are designed to test the coaches learning against the content and learning objectives. These assessments are submitted online via Moodle, or by email, and are assessed.

Each of the 6 modules has tasks or questions within the content of the Moodle environment. These tasks are designed to aid understanding, and are not assessed.

Are there any pre-requisites?

All participants for this course must hold a current membership of a judo federation recognised by a member federation of the International Judo Federation.

Coaches are expected to already hold a licence to coach from their national federation. For example, a coach from Great Britain should already hold the BJA Level 2 Award. The EJU Level 3 Advanced Coach Award does not provide a licence in itself.

Coaches must also be a minimum 1st Dan from a federation recognised by the IJF.

Is the course recognised or accredited?

The course is accredited by the European Judo Union, and recognised by the International Judo Federation.

Additionally the course is accredited as an access course by Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. It carries 90 credits at HE Level 0. This means that successful students have achieved the entry requirements for the EJU Performance Coach (Level 4) Award, the FDSc Sports Coaching (European Judo Union).

What happens on the practical block assessment?

The practical block lasts 4 days and consists of one summative lecture for each of the 6 online modules, and one practical or theory assessment related to each module, which are assessed. Therefore, coaches will be asked to complete 6 assessments during the 4 days.

The practical block is a chance for the coaches and tutors to meet and discuss their learning.

You do not need to have completed the online modules in order to participate in a practical block, however, we do recommend to try and finish the modules first so that you are best prepared for the practical block assessments.

Where and when are the practical blocks organised?

Practical blocks are delivered through out the year, globally, according to regional demand. To date, practical blocks have been delivered in the UK, Malta, Greece, South Africa, Australia, Norway and Iceland.

We are able to deliver a practical block in almost any location, if there is a minimum of 10 coaches participating. 

How should I start?

Once you register yourself on Moodle and enroll on to a module(s), we suggest that you work your way steadily through each of the resources available online. So read the articles, view the videos, explore the weblinks, consider the learning tasks, and engage with the forum. When you are ready, attempt the assignments which are located at the end of each module page. 

What happens once I have completed an assignment?

There are normally 3 assignments for each of the 6 online modules. We will mark the assignments that you submit, and you should receive an email informing you of the grade and the assessors comments within 7 working days. The pass mark for each module is 40% and you must submit all assignments in order to pass the module. When you have passed a module you are eligible to proceed to the next module.

How long will it take?

You can take as long as you like to study each module, however we suggest you should spend approximately one month to complete each module. This would mean that you could finish the online part of the award, in six months. Then you can attend a practical block. There are 6 further assessments on the practical block which you must also pass, after which you will receive your EJU Level 3 Advanced Coach Award. You do not need to have completed the online modules in order to participate in a practical block, however, we do advise to try and finish the modules first so that you are best prepared for the practical block assessments.

How much does it cost?

The course fees are payable per module to spread the cost for the coaches. The current price is £68 GBP per module.

The cost for the residential is additional. It is calculated depending on the venue selected, in order to provide the best value to the student coaches. 

How do I pay?

You must first log in to Moodle. Then you can pay for the module(s) via Paypal. It is a trusted and secure payment method. Please note that you do not need to have a Paypal account to pay through Paypal. However, please contact us if you would prefer to pay in another way. 

What if I have any other questions?

If you have any questions, email us via the form below.

We hope you enjoy your programme.

Email us your question here

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I really enjoyed the course. It helps you to understand that Judo is more than just a sport.
Tom Haynes, L3 Graduate

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