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Koka Kids and Judospace Educational Institute announce partnership

13th August 2013

The Judospace Educational Institute is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Koka Kids.

Judospace, led by the President of International Judo Research, Dr Mike Callan, is one of the leading Coach Education providers in the world. Koka Kids led by 1993 World Champion Nicola Fairbrother provide a range of quality resources for judo coaches, including their popular magazine.

Koka Kids and Judospace will collaborate to develop a special range of innovative educationally based coaching resources, to support coaches, and enhance quality of teaching to young judo players in schools and clubs. The resources, including a number of free products will be based on the theme of ‘Teaching Judo to Children’.

Dr Callan, Chief Executive of The Judospace Educational Institute said, “Judospace already delivers quality online and face-to-face coach education courses and from our experience we believe that this partnership will offer practical and easy access coaching support in a way that is most efficient and effective.”

Nicola Fairbrother, Director of Koka Kids said, “The objective of Koka Kids has always been to promote judo, with the aim to increase participation and retention of young players in the sport.

Coach Education is fundamental to achieving this and the partnership will benefit the delivery and development of judo by supporting the coach and judo club; this is an exciting opportunity.”

Combining the academic and educational resources from The Judospace Educational Institute with the creative and media expertise of Koka Kids, the partnership will develop a selection of resources that will be easily accessible to coaches.

To keep up to date with the developments of this partnership visit the Judospace and Koka Kids websites at:

Koka Kids

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